Thank you from your winner – Alex!

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We asked Alex to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what he said…

Thank you to all the students in the Radium zone that voted for me! I can’t believe that I won! Thank you!

I had an awesome time chatting with all of you, even if it meant typing as fast as I could in order to answer just a fraction of your wonderful questions! I loved your constant enthusiasm and your creativity in the questions you asked. I got the chance to discuss a whole range of scientific topics, and in fact, quite a few of your questions encouraged me to learn about topics I didn’t know that much about before, so I definitely learned a lot myself!

I’d like to thank the “I’m a Scientist” team for giving me the opportunity to talk with you over the past few weeks. Well done to the other scientists in the Radium zone and the other zones too! They offered up a range of great answers to your questions and it was really interesting to see the kind of research they are involved in.

As a scientist, it was a rewarding experience to talk with you all about my research and other scientific interests, but it was also a pleasure to talk about other aspects of my life and show that we’re all just regular humans as well as scientists! I was just as happy to answer questions about my favourite animals and video games as I was about volcanoes and black holes, so I hope you all enjoyed learning a little about the life of a scientist, as well as the topic of science itself.

I’m sad that the event is over, but I’m also overjoyed that I won the Radium zone and I look forward to starting the design process for my conservation card game – hopefully some of you might end up playing this game once it is finished, so keep an eye out for it!

Thank you again to everyone for being a part of this, I hope your interest in science continues to grow!

Best wishes,

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